A few things that have caught my eye lately. I'm seriously contemplating getting a two-piece, it's unreal the way ashley rocks it. The other two on the sides and the second one are from knightcat; I've been thinking of what to do with my hair, and i'm really feeling this blunt cut, so will probably be heading down that road. The shoes in the last picture are so mine in a couple of months; the shoes making the round on the web from the urban outfitters aw press day are so hot; These are my favourite, and maybe the chloe doc copies.

my bare bones shopping list so far for the summer, probably in prep for aw:
basic black jeans
urban outfitters leopard print boots
navajo/aztec print backpack or a leather one...or both

I find i'm more a fan of shopping for aw rather than ss, don't know why, I just never get on that huge summer hype.


  1. love all these photos! want those balenciaga boots in the 3rd picture stat! and love the blunt cut as well!


  2. How great are they, right? I love the shoes with the white socks, especially the first ones- very john travolta circa grease.

  3. Great pictures, love Ashleys look on the top! :-)

  4. I'm so so so happy I found your blog, it's beautiful. I happen to adore this last post, especially the photos!
    Follow each other? :)